Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social media (Digital Marketing)

Some of the mind-blowing facts are mentioned here:

75% of the engagement on a Facebook post happens in the first 5 hours.

53% of interaction between Google+ user and a brand is positive.

44% of users on Twitter have never sent a tweet!

84% of women and 50% of men stay active on Pinterest.

More than 2 users sign-up for LinkedIn every second.

23% of teens consider Instagram as their favourite social network.

Weekends are the most popular time to share Vines.

Number of snaps sent per day on SnapChat is 400 Million. (Yeah! that’s true)

40% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile.

B2B marketers using blogs generate 67% more leads.


In today’s highly competitive world, social media plays a crucial role on digital marketing. Millions of people nowadays use the power of social media when looking for information, products or services they need. This creates a bigger opportunity for businesses to reach their target customer base. The success of your business does not stop after just launching it online. In order to tap the competition, you need to cater the growing demands of customers around the globe for more interactive social media platform.

According to the latest stats, more than 1 billion of the world’s population uses the social media today. This means that more and more people pins, tweets, posts and are instagraming. More than millions of videos are also viewed on You Tube. With the latest reports, one can conclude that social media plays a vital role on digital marketing due to its popularity worldwide. Social media is one of the essential phenomenons today and in the future. It plays a vital role in the financial effectiveness of companies worldwide.

If you are planning to tap your business in the competition online, you should place your attention to social media marketing. Mastering individual channels and using old digital tactics will not work this time as customers behaviors evolve as time goes by. You have to cater their growing and changing needs in order for your business to survive long in the industry. More customers of today expect to consume and access information across different platforms, devices and apps and in order for your brand to be the best answer to what they need; you need to figure out what will be the next and where your company should focus. Likewise, you should also put your effort in creating an informative and catchy business content that could both cater their needs and entertain them too. In addition, you should also improve your content marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, social media marketing and search engine optimization of your business site, among others.