Marketers today have more choices than ever regarding where and how they would like to advertise or promote their products and services. In addition to the time-honored methods, which often include direct marketing and advertising by way of print, you now have the choice of email marketing, mobile marketing as well as from a myriad of Web-based and social media driven websites such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Marketing plays an important role in the overall development of an organization and can determine the success or failure of a business with their products and services. Regrettably many businesses have learned the hard way, concerning what works in marketing; for example, taking an approach with a traditional print marketing method, does not work as effectively if any on the Web or social media based website and vice versa.

Having said that there is no one sure-fire formula to create a successfully integrate marketing strategy into your business. However there are a few steps which you can take to ensure the maximum viewer ship and probability of success.


  • When hiring someone for your marketing you should carefully define the position which is offered. This undoubtedly the first and most important step in hiring a marketing professional and will allow you to determine the level of experience and skills required to advance your company. You will also need to present a comprehensive list of functions to be performed and convey to the applicant whether these duties are periodic, one-time or recurring. One of the commonly found recruiting mistakes I have witnessed all too often is forming the assumption that the individual being interviewed is capable and willing to fill all the necessary requirements of the business.
  • Determine the eligibility of the person being interviewed. Always remember, the person applying for a mid-level to senior marketing position must be able to share a wide range of their organizational tasks, including strategic plans, campaigns, promotional websites, original copy, and press releases. But even more important, they should be able to convey how their work has made a difference and where it has had a measurable and favorable impact on your integrated marketing plan. Remember successfully integrating marketing into your business is not about a single act, but rather about setting long-term goals to enhance the success of your business.


  • It is important that you grasp a clear understanding of who your target audience is by way of their attitudes, interests and behaviors. This will allow you to establish key messages and determine the best communication channels to reach them.
  • Ask yourself “Who are your target customers? What are motivates them? What forms of communication do they prefer? Which newspapers or magazines do they like to read and which websites do they visit on a regular basis? Which social media channels are they using and what are they discussing?” You will need to answer all these questions before taking any steps to developing your marketing strategy.
  • Next you’ll need to select your channels. Arguably not everyone needs to be on Face book, or in a social magazine. What you need to consider however is; “What are the strengths and weaknesses of a particular channel and how will it help you to achieve your target objectives. You must be brutal in your selection by focusing on the most effective channels rather than trying to maintain a presence everywhere at all times.
  • Create a constant business appearance. You need to ensure that your visual identity is consistent, and I’m not just talking about the logo of your organization or your particular trademark. Its about maintaining a conventional look and feel. Everything about your company should present a similar appearance as from the same organization. As such a person reading a brochure or an e-newsletter should be able to immediately recognize a perceivable connection when visiting your website.
  • Create clear and precise content which can be easily modified and re purposed on a variety of channels or other media forms. I like to follow the three Cs for marketing messages; Communications – your messaging and offers must be clear and easily understood, Compulsion – able to gain the interest of the receiver, and Consistency – readily available regardless of communication channel, whether it’s mobile, in-store or web based.

Notably every piece of content which is developed should be able to be used in as many places as possible.


  • In my experience I have found that many businesses have happily accepted the fact that their marketing efforts are on average. However it’s not that they don’t think that it should be better but rather, they just don’t know where to begin. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, then it’s probably time you start looking at your marketing setup to explore some available options. Although there are quite a few options to should consider, the one which I have found works best is hiring a dedicated marketing professional agency. This will allow you and your group to focus on the business core functions while ensuring that a trained, experienced professional is managing your marketing efforts. Many successful business have found that by taking this option they have been able to increase marketing material quality and increase marketing momentum.

I am not suggesting to hire a big agency for your services as you can find many freelance providers over the internet via a number of websites where you can meet and hire professional freelancers.


Although we’ve looked as creating a network between the consumer and the organization, the relationship between company sales, marketing and customer service is oftentimes very complex. On one hand, each department recognizes that they need to work collaboratively to successfully meet the demands and revenue goals of the organization, and yet on the other hand you’ll often find the level of communication between the departments almost non-existent if any.

Integrating marketing, sales and customer service involves many things such as shared goals, working towards common milestones and metrics, smoothly functioning business processes, and smart investments in technology.

But first a line of communication needs to be established. If the sales, customer service and marketing departments can’t learn how to work together as a single unit articulately, and freely share company information, then even if you were to implement all the technology your company could afford; it still won’t make the least bit of a difference.

The first step you’ll need to take to solve this problem is have the heads of your sales, customer service and marketing come together to compare profiles of prospect, closely looking for any areas where they may overlap on where they may overlap.

Having acquired this knowledge, you can now begin to establish a mutually acceptable set of prospect profiles closing the gap between the departments to facilitate better communication, improve customer feedback to enhance productivity and overall revenue.


An Active market information system is one which analyzes and assesses marketing information continuously harvested from both inside and outside the organization. Active marketing information offers the company a basis for a wide range of decisions which include product improvement or development, promotion, distribution, packaging, pricing, and even media selection.

An active market information system brings together various forms of data such as equipment used, people and company procedure to effectively allow you to make better decisions and not gives a detailed look at where the business is going, but also gives a report if why and where performance is failing to meet the target goals.

Having an active market information system for any business offers limitless opportunities including helping marketers to work together with customer service on product designs and sales requirements, attend to operational needs of the company by way of customer service, and allow senior staff members to share vital information and virtually work together to identify and solve any problems.